Monday, February 25, 2013

The Quotable Madelyn: Sisters & Ikea

I've never done a "Quotable Madelyn" post, but lately, she has been saying some pretty cute stuff.  I want to remember those things.

On the way home the other day,  I mentioned to Troy that we needed to stop by Stater Brothers to pick something up.  Madelyn, not being familiar with that store, spoke up and asked, "Do they have sisters there too?"  It still makes me smile to think of it!

Yesterday, when I picked Madelyn up from her Sunday School class, her teachers informed me that she learned about Zacchaeus that morning.  She then informed me that she learned about "Ikea, the little man."  Zacchaeus, Ikea----they sound alike, right?  :)

Oh, and a couple other things I don't want to forget:

~She calls Sunday School, "Skunday School."
~She pronounces some of her h's as c's.  "Cumongous" instead of humongous and "carmonica" instead of harmonica.

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