Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 19: DIY Chevron Striped Lampshade and Lamp Redo

Troy and I inherited a unique milk glass lamp from his grandma a few years ago.  I had visions for it ever since.  Unfortunately, it spent a while in the garage.  So, now it is time to bring it into the light!  (Again, pun intended.)  My plan for this lamp is to make it somewhat modern and nautical at the same time.  This is how I desire our "bonus room" to look.  
I found a clever pin on how to paint chevron stripes on a plain lampshade.  (View tutorial here.)  I followed the tutorial exactly, except I added tape to the top and bottom of the lamp shade because I wanted to keep that white.

I then taped off everything but the wood and whipped out the dark primer.  I used dark primer because the paint lady at Home Depot told me to use dark primer for dark paint.  

I then painted the shade a nice hue of yellow.  I was sure to paint gently, in a dabbing kind of motion.  The tutorial I followed said to use a stencil brush, but that costs money.  A sponge brush worked just fine! 

I painted the the base with a navy color.  I used a sponge brush on the base as well.  It left a smooth texture, but an uneven color.  I ended up liking the way it came out!  Next, I took the tape and paper off....
I love it!  I love the contrast of the navy, the milk glass, and the brass.  Nautical.  Classy.  And, of course, the chevron shade adds the "modern."
Oh!  And I forgot to add the best detail of all!  For this project, I only had to purchase the paint, which cost less than 3 dollars!

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