Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 25: Super Duper Lego Picker Upper & Lego Storage

I love the way my boy builds amazing creations with his Legos.  But, I could do without the way our floor looks after such creations are made.
Does that look familiar? 
On the search for a solution, I found a pin concerning this very issue.  The pin led me to Gwen's Nest, where she made a "sheet" for legos to be played with on and to be put away with.  She made hers with handles and two different colors, but I'm looking for a quick solution and lack the knowledge of how to use a sewing machine.  (I would love to learn to sew...sometime!)
 So, I made do with an old sheet and a container.  That is all I needed.  I know it's not pretty, but it sure does the job.

Here, you see Jackson playing with his Legos at the center of the sheet.  He has been told not to remove his Legos from this sheet unless he is building something on the Lego table.

Next, I taught him how to bring all the corners and sides together.  He simply brings all that together to gather up in Legos in the sheet, then lifts the sheet into the container.  Voila!  Instant and effective Lego Storage!  
Again, I am aware that this isn't pretty.  But, it is functional for a five year old boy who doesn't care about sorting his Legos into different shapes or colors, as some store their Legos.  I'm sure that will come when he is old enough.  For now, this works.

And guess what?  I didn't step on any Legos today and Jackson cleaned up his Legos all by himself.  That makes this momma smile!

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