Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 16: Regrowing Food from Scraps

Last year, I worked very hard to produce a beautiful garden.  It was beautiful, green, and lush.  But, it lacked one thing.  It wasn't fruitful.  I was so disappointed when my beautiful tomato plants bore no fruit.  That's right.  Not even one tomato.  I was successful in growing basil, mint, and rosemary...oh and about 25 little strawberries, but that certainly isn't enough to feed a family.  Considering I planted seven tomato plants, three cucumber plants, eight green bean plants, two strawberry plants, and a couple of melon plants, I should have seen more fruit than I did!

This year, I am hoping to have more fruit.  A couple of weeks ago, I came across a pin that explained how to grow food from kitchen scraps.  I thought, "Why not?"  I would love to grow things from my scraps and perhaps not have to buy those items anymore.  About ten days ago, I followed the directions on to regrow celery from a celery stalk.  It is so simple!  I just put the stalk into a dish of water and filled the water up to cover all but a half inch of the stalk.  I made sure the top of the stalk was moistened on a daily basis.  Within a few days, leaves started to grow out of the stalk.  Now, about ten days later, there are little shoots growing up to form a new stalk of celery.  I planted it in moist soil and I am hoping to enjoy our first regrown celery in a couple of weeks!  It already smells so good!  Owen is very excited as well.  He loves watering our little plant everyday.  Next, I'd like to try regrowing onions, garlic, and potatoes!

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Anonymous said...

Melissa, I saw this on Pinterest. I am glad you tried it so I know it really works. :)