Friday, April 5, 2013

Pinterest Post: Ice Cube Tray Lunch

Jackson, Owen, and Madelyn's lunch trays!
Inspired by an idea on Pinterest where you put the kid's lunch in plastic Easter eggs, I discovered putting their lunch in ice cube trays.  Let me tell you, all my kids (ages 22 months, 3, and 5) loved this! They all sat and ate their lunch without getting up from the table.  When we eat outside, there are many distractions that beckon to my kids during meal time.  They didn't get up once.  This was a very exciting lunch event for them and I owe it all to Pinterest and ice cube trays!

To make this lunch, I just filled each spot on the tray with a veggie, fruit, nut, cheese, meat, Ezekiel bread, or dip.  I customized each try to each child's preference.  Jackson doesn't like hotdogs, but Madelyn and Owen do, so they both got organic beef hot dogs in their trays.  Jackson LOVES veggies, so his tray consisted mostly of veggies, whereas Madelyn and Owen got more fruit.

They all requested that I make them an ice cube tray lunch again.  And you know what?  I will!

They're excited, can't you tell?
All finished!  Although, she did give her brother her pistachios and celery.  Isn't she kind?

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