Monday, May 6, 2013

The Truth About Mother's Day with Kimm Crandall

Last week, I sat down with Kimm Crandall, a friend and author of the book Christ in the Chaos, to get down to the sweetest truth about Mother's Day.  I'm not talking about all the homemade or Hallmark cards, the pot of flowers, pretty necklace, or the breakfast in bed you may receive as a  mother on Mother's Day.  I'm talking about the sweetest, best, biggest gift of all.  Watch the video to learn more!

....and if you want to hear more of that sweet truth, please give Haven Today's radio program a listen.  Kimm Crandall will be on all week!  Today's program is "How the Gospel Changes Mothers."  Visit to listen.

As I sit down at my kitchen table with my dirty dishes in view, trying to get my wits about me as a recover from a busy weekend, with a long to-do list bouncing throughout my brain, and a toddler in my lap trying to "help" me write this post, I am reminded of the amazing Gospel truths that I need to hear on a daily basis.  It is a constant battle to look to Christ and not my sin.  Thanks, Kimm, for the much needed reminder!

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