Sunday, August 26, 2007

Birth Class

Yesterday, Troy and I went to an all-day birth class. It is basically a crash course that covers everything from breathing techniques to labor positions to the delivery of the placenta. My favorite part of the class, other than getting to learn how to get through labor with my husband, was sitting on the birth ball/birthing ball/labor ball/exercise ball. This big rubber ball made my lower back pain go away when I sat on it. The ball is great for exercises preparing the body for labor and to use while in labor. I think we may purchase one! We learned so much yesterday and now we have to practice! I can't imagine going into labor. I keep trying to play scenarios in my mind, but there are so many different ways it may play out! I don't know exactly what to expect! All I know is that I am excited for that day to come! Only 10 1/2 weeks left! Yea! Man alive! There is still quite a bit to do before Jackson gets here!

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