Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oh, Happy Day!

Today I am absolutely thrilled. I got my braces off today. I no longer look like a pregnant teenager! Its amazing how different my teeth feel! Its so easy to smile now that my lips don't get caught on metal! Aside from the fact that my smile does look a bit different than before, I don't have headaches, jaw pain, and neck pain anymore. Those symptoms were caused by TMJ and the simple fact that my front top teeth were angled in such a way that they were putting constant pressure on my bottom teeth. The orthodontist pulled my front teeth forward to take the pressure off and widened my bite. It worked! I'm so happy they fixed me! I still have occasional stiffness and cracking in my jaw, but that is way better than pain and pressure!

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April said...

Thanks for the invitation to visit. look great. I'll look forward to seeing the real you on Sunday, braceless. :)