Thursday, August 16, 2007

Our "Nursery"

Earlier this year, a couple from our church were blessed in giving birth to twin boys. They live in a small, one bedroom condo. Many times they heard the question, "So, are you going to get a bigger place?" They had recently purchased the condo, and weren't in the position to move, so they stayed in the one bedroom. They are content with what they have. They had been missionaries in Africa and saw what is was like to have absolutely nothing. They saw that they had everything they needed, even if its not up to par with the world's standards.
I think about this couple quite often when my husband and I are trying to make space for our little one. We are blessed to have two bedrooms our apartment. One bedroom is ours, one is the office. We are now trying to convert half of the office into the nursery. This means selling some furniture and coming up with new, creative ways to store things. Its been a challenge at times, I'll admit, to remember to be content with what we have. After all, we have all we need to bring a child into this world. God has been so generous in His provisions. We got a great deal on a beautiful crib and mattress set and my in-laws purchased Jackson's crib bedding! Loved ones keep giving us clothes to fill Jackson's closet...I'm pretty sure he already has more clothes than I do! We haven't had the showers yet either....yes, "showers" as in three of them! So the next time I wish I had an extra bedroom for the nursery, I'm just going to think of all the provisions God has made for us and Jackson!

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