Wednesday, September 19, 2007

50 days left!

I'm on the countdown. There are only 50 days left till Jackson's due date! I'm trying to prepare everything I need so I'm not stressed out a few weeks before the little Lamberth is due. I already wrote out my birth plan. The Nest made that easy for me. I've found recipes I can make and freeze for the time about the due date and after Jackson is born. (If you have any ideas on freezable meals...please, let me know!) Troy and I are still working on our nursery/office. I'd say most of our work is going to be in that project! I'm also in the process of checking out health insurance for Jackson. I've got lots to do! If anyone has any tips on how to get everything done needed before delivery, please share those ideas!


April said...


I searched my computer for a recipe we have loved for years called Lil' Cheddar Meat loaves from a Taste of Home mag. and couldn't find it. However, I googled the recipe and VIOLA!, there it was. Here it is:
We have frozen them and she even shares how to do that. I use an icecream scooper to form them. It is quicker. Also you could double the recipe and make meatballs (minus the topping of course), cook and freeze for later too. Hope this helps.

Hazeleyessue said...

Thanks so much April! That sounds really good!

mombug said...

I know how much Troy likes Cracker Barrel. I have a recipe for Hashed Brown Casserole that is very tasty(though probably not as yummy as Cracker Barrel's). You can find it here:
I have frozen it, and just cook it a little longer when I am ready for it, or thaw it first. You can also add ham, or a veggie to change it up. My family loves it!
-Michelle Davis

Hazeleyessue said...

Michelle---Thanks so much! Troy will be overjoyed! Move over, Cracker Barrel!