Saturday, September 1, 2007

September 1, 2007....already?!?

I changed the calendar today. Its already September 2007. Life is truly a vapor. It comes and goes. I remember thinking that age 18 was so far away. Here I am, fives years past 18! Unlike some girls, I didn't imagine what life would be like in twenty years, or who my ideal husband would be, what my house would be like, or what kind of wedding dress I would wear. I never imagined myself having children. It was too far away to think about. It wasn't that I didn't want these things. In hindsight, I think it was that these things seemed to far out of my reach. I had never had a boyfriend and all the boys I did attract were, to say the least, a little on the strange side. One huge problem is I never attracted Christian boys. Perhaps those strange guys liked me because I was a "good girl." Never the less, I steered clear of them anyway.

Then one day, a man caught my eye. He spoke so dearly concerning the things I held so close to my heart. He cared so much for God and God's people. I simply thought to myself, "Why isn't this man married?" My heart fluttered, I admit, at the thought of him, but why would he be attracted to me? I'd never attracted this type of man before. He started to approach me more often. Then, he called me out of the blue...just to "chat." After a little over two hours, we hung up the phone. It had be the best conversation I'd ever had. A month later, he asked my dad if he could get to know me more...perhaps take me on some dates. Ten and a half months after that, we were married. Over two years after that blessed day, we are two months away from having our first child. Life has come quickly, and it keeps on coming! Oh, but how wonderful it has been! I wonder sometimes how I ended up with such a wonderful and caring husband. I wonder how we were blessed to have an opportunity to bring a child into the world. God is so merciful. I deserve nothing....absolutely nothing. Yet, He has given me all this. I marvel at that! I won't ever be able to grasp the vastness of God's mercy! But, oh, I am so very thankful!

I feel I have rambled on. I think it may be because I am home alone and I just watched a sappy chick-flick that made me very thankful for my husband. Or, it could be the simple fact that I've got an extra surge of those pregnancy hormones! Never mind the reason, though. I praise and thank God for the life he has given Troy and I. One thing is certain...I don't need a reason for that!

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