Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Oh, Caffeine...why do you plague me???

I had about 8 oz of Dr. Pepper around 6pm last evening. Here it is approaching 12:30am and I feel I could still be awake for hours. I tossed and turned and even kicked Troy out of the bedroom and into the living room (sorry, Troy!) and I still am not sleeping. Caffeine never used to effect me like this...only after I got pregnant did the very, very, very occasional swig of caffeinated soda keep me up until the wee hours of morn! Why did I give into the temptation of the shiny maroon can? It sounded so good as the air bubbles crackled on the ice! Oh, but how I am reminded that it is not worth it! Caffeine is the enemy...at least for now!

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