Saturday, November 3, 2007

End of the Spear

Last night, we rented End of the Spear and watched that with Matt and Tiffany. It was a good movie, but, I must say we were a bit disappointed that it didn't explain much about Salvation and the purpose and passion of Nate Saint, Jim Elliot, etc. It made me think that a person who isn't a Christian may wonder why these missionaries were "crazy" enough to approach such a violent tribe of people and not defend themselves. It is an incredible story, though. The missionary's widows went to their husband's killers and taught them the Gospel. Mincaye, the man who killed Nate Saint, is now a Christian and lives to tell people about Christ. Steve Saint, Nate's son and Mincaye are brothers in Christ now. They serve the same God. To see the transformation of a man who only knew the violent, vengeful, sinful ways of his people, to a man who passionately shares the Gospel with others is amazing! Its very encouraging to those of us who share the Gospel with people in our own lives! If you would like to see a clip of Micaye sharing the Gospel with Steve Saint interpreting, click here.

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