Monday, July 14, 2008

Jackson is 8 Months!

Well, I must admit that I totally forgot to post Jackson's 8-month-old post last week! So, here it is, a week late!

Jackson is growing up so fast! He is almost walking! He has taken a couple steps by himself and is pulling up on everything now. Which means he is also taking everything off the coffee table, the rocking chair, the couch, etc. He gets so happy when it discovers a new piece of furniture he can use to stand up. It is so cute!Jackson is also crawling. He gets around, which means I keep a close watch on him. If it gets really quite, I know something is up!

Out of all things in this world, Jackson is fascinated with fans at this time in his life. He can point out any size or shape of fan anywhere! I can ask him "Where is the fan, Jackson?" and he will point to it right away. It is so precious! He just stares at this with amazement, whether they are moving or not!
Baba, Mama, and Nana have been added to Jackson's regular vocabulary this month. He also is now saying "mmmmm" almost every time he takes a bite of food! As for food, he eats a lot of it! He is now eating a variety of food including egg yolks, cottage cheese, yogurt, apple sauce, mangoes (his favorite), any melon (another favorite), and lots and lots of Cheerios. He even knows the sound of the Cheerio box when I get it down!

As for sleeping, Jackson is doing better this week. He may be teething. Some nights we give him Tylenol. Some we don't. He doesn't have any teeth yet, but it time, they will come!

Troy and I can hardly believe it has been 8 months since God blessed us with this precious little boy! The time flies! I suppose it is because, despite some challenges along the way, we are having so much fun!

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Diane said...

Good boy, Jackson! It looks like you're really packing on the pounds. Keep up the good work!!