Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I am finally getting around to posting about our Christmas! On Christmas day, we woke up to a cold, wet morning. I really enjoyed the cold, wet holiday because I can't remember the last time we had one here! In the morning, we (Troy, Jackson and I), opened gifts as a family. Troy got me a new camera, which I am totally excited about! The camera is pink, too! After opening gifts at our house, we went over to Troy's parent's house and had lunch with the family. We also opened presents there. Terry and Jan were in from Missouri, so that made it extra fun (they are also fun to hang out with!). The lunch was delicious! After lunch, we headed to the hospital to hang out with the family there.Troy opening the Seinfeld Scene It game I got for him. Jackson and I looking at one of the gifts Troy and I got him...touch and feel flashcards. He is really enjoying learning from them and can already say several of the words!Troy wanted to surprise me with some Christmas pictures of Jackson with my new camera.......somehow Troy forgot to put shoes on Jackson!!!
David and Robyn got Jackson New Balance shoes that matched Troy's....so cute!Jackson discovered coloring on Christmas day.
That discovery led to eating crayons. Green was his preference.The Spread. (And Jan.)Jackson fell asleep while eating. The poor boy was so tired from opening all the gifts!
All I can say was that my stomach was VERY full when I took this picture. I think everyone else's was too!Jackson and Troy at the hospital. Jackson loves going to the hospital. He gets to play with Nolan (who he has really enjoys), and he loves to run the halls (which we rarely let him do.) Christmas day, the waiting room was so crowded, we let Jackson have a shot at running down the hall.
So, he ran...
...and ran......and ran! Good thing I can catch up to him, at least for now!

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