Wednesday, January 28, 2009

San Diego Trip Day 2 (Finaly!)

Sorry, folks...I took a little longer than I said I was going to!

Day two of our San Diego trip was a very cloudy and very, very cold one. We went to the San Diego Zoo that day. Jackson and I had never been to this zoo, so we both were very excited. We saw a lot of animals and we all thoroughly enjoyed it! After the zoo, we went to a Mexican restaurant called El Indio. The chips and guacamole were delicious, as well as all the other food...mmmm!

So, here are a "few" photos from the day...The family with the out! They spit.One of my favorite animals...the koala! The baby was so adorable!
This is our little monkey eating a banana (one of his favorite things, he so affectionately calls, "num-nums")....
The Silver Back Gorilla. Massive.Jackson with the monkies.Happy Jackson with the monkies! He refined his monkey sound on this trip to the zoo!
The family with an arangatang family...the mother was holding the little baby's hand while they were cute is that?!?Jackson crashed after the monkies!
The hippo happened to turn around right when I took this picture!Me with the panda. What? You can't see it?Here is another view! They are so precious!Us with the elephants.Troy and Jackson with the giraffes...Jackson really liked them.
So, there it is, our trip to the zoo! Check back soon for Day 3 of our trip...and don't worry...that is the last day!

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