Thursday, January 29, 2009

San Diego Trip Day 3

Our third day was our last day in San Diego. A cloudy sky greeted us that morning as it did the day before. We checked out of our hotel and headed up to La Jolla.
Jackson really enjoyed the view we had from the room, even though it was just of a bus station parking lot and a couple of tall buildings. He loved being up high!Jackson always enjoys the ocean, no matter how cold it is! It was freezing---or at least a Southern's Californian's version of freezing!The Family in La JollaA picture I wish I had time to paint...We ate at a restaurant called The Cottage. It was absolutely amazing. I had eggs, apple sausage, an English muffin, and potatoes, all of which were delicious...especially the apple sausage. Troy had the same with Applewood smoked bacon, which was mouth-watering-good! They also have fresh squeezed orange juice there. It was a very nice touch! Troy and I tried a sample of their homemade granola, and I must say that it quite possibly may be the best granola I have ever tasted. Seriously. It was that good. I definately recommend this place! It was a wonderful end to our trip to San Diego!


STEPH said...

Hey Melissa! I was just talking to Troy and he said that you guys just got a new car seat for Jackson. Wylie has almost outgrown his infant carrier (at 5 months) so I need to look into getting him a convertible car seat. Audrey has the Britax Marathon but I'd like to get something a little cheaper if possible. Do you like yours?

Jon and alyssa said...

Hey thanks for dropping in! We are actually having a girl, though I thought we were going to have a boy. None the less it is a girl, (Ada)and I am due in April. It is comming so fast.
I will never forget that day I met you. You seemed to be in so much pain, and my heart went out to you.
I am so excited for you guys! I read on Robyns blog she is hoping for a girl. Maybe that will happen and it will even out the genders in your household. :o)
I will pray you will have little morning sickness!