Thursday, October 15, 2009

Desert Dinos!

On Saturday, we took Jackson to the dinosaurs out towards Palm Springs. You know, the ones in PeeWee Herman? He absolutely loved them! We were only able to stop by and take pictures, but we are definitely going to take Jackson back to explore the place a bit more. We got a great photo out of this trip, though!


Leah said...

Aw. Cabazon. I'm so glad to see another generation enjoying things I remember loving as a kid :)

Runningamuck said...

That's so funny, I took the kids there on the 14th with the Grove's homeschool group. We missed ya by a day! You seriously have to take him back there. My kids had so much fun. There is WAY more there than I ever thought. I always thought it was just the two big dinos. I posted pics on FB, if you haven't already seen them. If you want company, let me know. lol