Thursday, October 15, 2009

Me and My Boy!

I always have the desire to spend time with Jackson. I don't get to spend every moment with him like I used to be able to. He watches more TV now than he ever has! I can't stand how it always works out that way. I want to be able to take care of Madelyn AND play with Jackson, read with Jackson, cuddle with Jackson....etc. I feel torn sometimes! I know that this is just a season, and it will get easier to balance the different roles of motherhood, but sometimes, I just miss my boy! I heard a mother at MOPS today talking about how she goes on "dates" with her little boy, so she can give him the attention he needs. Perhaps I can do that with Jackson. I am sure he misses being with just his mommy and his daddy as well. Although, he always includes Madelyn in everything. He always asks if Madelyn in coming. He is such a good big brother!

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