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Owen: 12-15 months

It is a little ridiculous that I haven't updated this blog in so long.  That is just an illustration on how busy little Owen keeps me!    He turned the big O-N-E on May 13th.  A while ago.  He seems to have grown so much since then!  He had a "Muppets" themed party because he loves that movie.  I will do another post about his party (I promise!).

 At his one-year check-up, his Iron levels had gone up to almost normal.  Yea!  We worked so hard at giving him iron-rich food for a while and it slowly went up naturally, without having to fortify his diet with liquid iron.
 Shortly after his one-year birthday, Owen took his first trip on a plane.  He did pretty good considering it was a 5-hour flight with several stops along the way!  He didn't cry at all on the way there and on the way back, only a few times, and it wasn't too bad!
 One of Owen's first words was "Kitty" and that still is one of his favorite words.  He loves to spend time with our kitties, although we recently had to give one away (pictured).  He also loves to say "doggy" and "daddy" very clearly.  He is now imitating his brother and sister as well.  Jackson thinks its funny to get Owen to say "hot dog" in a really deep, raspy voice.  Owen finds it amusing, too!  He is also saying "sentences," although we can't understand most of what he is saying.    As for calling me "mommy," he doesn't yet.  :(  He loves to say, "Daddy!" though!
 Owen got a water table for his first birthday and he loves to play with it!  It's the next best thing to Disneyland!
 One of Owen's favorite things to do is wrestle with his daddy and Jackson.  They get so into, giggling and grunting as they roll on the floor.  I love that they can experience this with their daddy.  What a precious memory!
 Owen took his first trip to the pool back in June.  He really enjoyed the water.  He loves splashing and floating in his little baby chair.
 Hats are entertaining to Owen right now.  He won't keep them one, but he thinks its funny to wear them!
 I think this photo illustrates Owen's sweetness.  He has such a sweet personality.  He seems to love to light up everyone's day!
 He also loves his siblings!  He and Madelyn have a sweet relationship for the most part, except for when he thinks its funny to pull her hair or she pushes him because he is getting into her stuff.  That is a brother-sister relationship for you!  He and Jackson have a great relationship as well.  They are always making each other laugh!
 Books are a regular part of Owen's life.  I have baskets and shelves full of them and he loves to sit and "read."  I treasure his enjoyment of them, even if he reads them upside-down.

 The park swings are definitely a favorite for Owen.  He loves to climb all over the playground as well. He is too, brave, though, I have have to be a step behind him!

 Owen quite possibly is the messiest eater I have ever come across.  He seems to think that what he is eating passes as hair gel.  That's right.  He puts what he is eating in his hair at nearly every meal!  It's a good thing I have washcloths near by.  Although, sometimes that is pointless and I just have to put him in the tub.
 This little boy gets a thrill out of animals.  He loved going to the OC fair this summer and looking at all the farm animals!
 Owen went into the water at the beach for this first time and he couldn't get enough of it!  He kept running in!  He is a bit too brave, so Troy had to hold onto him because otherwise who knows where he would have tried to run!

 Owen at 15 months.  He is a little ham.  He loves to smile at people and he will do so just to get a reaction from them.  He has proven to be very social.  Sounds familiar, doesn't it?  :)
 This is the same bear he started sleeping with at 4 months old.  He finally has shown attachment to it all of a sudden and snuggles with it when he is awake as well.  I love to see him show love for a stuffed animal!  So cute!
 These are the most recent photos of Owen.  He is always smiling.  Over the summer, he got "Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease" pretty bad and was somewhat miserable, but through it all, he tried to be happy and smile.  In the photo below, he is breaking through his first molar.  The only reason I knew is that he opened his mouth wide and I saw it.  He was still his happy self!
Owen is still a pretty small baby, but he has seemed to grow a bit since his 12-month check-up.  His one-piece outfits in 9 months are finally too small and some of his 12-month one-piece outfits are getting a little snug.  He still hardly fits into 12 month shorts/pants.  They have to be rolled up because he isn't big enough around the waist.  Oh-well!  I guess he gets to wear clothes longer than expected!
Some more facts about Owen at 15 months:
~He loves brushing his 6 teeth.
~He loves to run, especially when being chased.
~He climbs onto EVERYTHING, no matter how high or dangerous.  He favorite climbing spots are the kitchen tabletop and the top of the TV cabinet.
~He seems to love to watch Curious George, just like his brother and sister.
~He loves to chew on Legos, although if I catch him and ask them to spit them out, he obeys.
~He loves his daddy so very much!  He runs to him when he gets home from work, fusses when it leaves, and cuddles with him every chance he gets.  Troy eats it up!  So do I, as this isn't the norm for all babies his age!  He even sings songs about him in a sweet voice... "Daaaddeeeee....Daddy!  Daaaaadeeee!"  :)
~He makes the "vroom" sound when playing with cars.  I guess he got that from Jackson!
~His favorite foods are: strawberries, grapes, carrots, mangoes, pretty much any fruit, chicken nuggets, waffles, Trader Joe's Oat bran Muffins, frozen yogurt sticks, and anything with ketchup!
~He still takes two naps.  An hour and a half nap in the morning, and the same in the afternoon.
~He has really blonde hair.  It got lighter and longer over the summer.  It may be time for his first haircut soon!  He also has a little bit of curl in the back.

Hope you all enjoyed the update!  I will write soon about Madelyn's 3rd birthday and both Madelyn and Owen's parties.  Sorry it took so long!!!

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