Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gripe Water

I just realized that I needed to share this wonderful stuff called Gripe Water with all the moms of infants who read this blog. Some of you may use it already. This stuff is great! When Jackson was a newborn, we used it for gas and just plain fussiness and it worked almost every time. My favorite thing to use it for, though, is hiccups. If I catch Jackson on the third or forth hiccup, and I give him a dose of Gripe Water, it completely takes away the hiccups every time! It is quite amazing. So, I just thought I would share this product with you. In the stores, it cost around 12 or 13 dollars, however, you can get it online at for $7.99. We always purchase the Baby's Bliss brand (pictured above).

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Hazeleyessue said...

Oh, by the way, it isn't the same as Gripe Water in the UK, which I've heard contains alcohol.