Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Why do people care so much about the happenings of famous people? Why do they care if Britney Spears is talking is an English accent? Why do they care if Kirsty Alley has cankles? Why do they care if Lindsay Lohan takes a swig of wine? Why to they care if Paris Hilton has a new boyfriend? Why do people care if Nicole Richie is starving herself? Why do they care if Paula Abdul messes up while judging on American Idol? It is all very sad, I'm sure. Not to be insensitive here, but it is just because they are famous. And people like to gossip. That is it. I have to admit, I was watching TMZ the other night (just because it came on TV when Troy and I were on the couch...not because we regularly watch it). We were convicted pretty quickly to turn it off as soon as we saw the clip of Kirsty Alley's cankles. My heart goes out to these suffering people. If their faults weren't in the spotlight so much, would they be so bad off? Even though some of them thrive on this attention, weather it is negative or positive, I think those TMZ folks should leave the famous people alone! I mean, what ever happened to the classy kind of Hollywood?

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