Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekend in Ridgecrest

Troy, Jackson, and I went up to Ridgecrest this past weekend. Ridgecrest is known for their hot weather this time of year, but we were blessed with a cool, cloudy Saturday with some sprinkles and for the remainder of the weekend, clear, beautiful weather! Troy played in a soccer tournament up there with a few friends. After soccer, we stayed with our friends for a couple nights. They took us off-roading in the hills in the back of their house. It was looked similar to Joshua Tree, but it was higher up, so the view was magnificent! It was great fun to spend time with this family after four years of intending to visit them!

Here are some pictures from the soccer tournament:

Jackson doesn't seem to be too happy in this picture...perhaps he was approaching nap time!
Beautiful blue eyes!
Jackson enjoyed watching his daddy play day, he too, will play!

Winners! (Out of 3 games...2 wins, 1 tie)If Powerade is looking for models...they're your guys!

Troy and I...I love this man!

Tiffany and I in our Galaxy jerseys ...actually, I am wearing Troy's (I want my own...his a bit big on me...but sooooo comfortable!)

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