Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jackson Weighs In

I decided to weigh Jackson accurately this morning. I usually just weigh myself on my scale, then weigh both of us, and subtract my weight from the total. I got my postal scale out this morning to weigh Jackson to the exact ounce. I'm going to keep close tabs on his weight for a little while. I put him a small basket and weighed him, and he really enjoyed the process! He had so much fun getting weighed in the basket, I decided to let him play in it! It made for some adorable pictures! By the way, Jackson weighed in at (minus the weight of the basket and his onesie) 15 pounds 4 ounces! This means that he has gained 14 ounces in less than one week! I suppose if I was able to loose 3 lbs in under a week, he can gain that much! I can tell he is getting fuller in his thighs and face. little boy is growing! :)


Runningamuck said...

What a great way to weight little ones! Never thought of that. Course, Micah is probably too big for a basket now... but I always do the weigh us both and then me separately subtract thing. This way uses waaayy less brain power, something we moms struggle to hold on to. =0)

Robyn said...

I am sure that's a huge relief to know he is finally putting on some weight! Way to go Jackson!