Monday, October 1, 2007

1st Baby Shower

Saturday was the first of three baby showers for Jackson. This shower was for the church ladies. Quite a few women showed up and I received quite a few necessities for Jackson! It was such a blessing! We had fun playing the classic baby food game and a few other games. The food was wonderful...
Chinese Chicken Salad...need I say more? The cupcakes had little frogs on top of them to match Jackson's jungle animals theme. Cute! Troy came and picked me up at the end of the shower in his parent's SUV (our cars were too small to fit all the gifts!). Troy's favorite gift was definitely a little soccer ball for Jackson. He was absolutely thrilled about that! Overall, the Lord has really, really blessed us and Jackson with the items we need. Just think...there are two more showers to go!


April said...

I was dissappointed to miss the shower Melissa. I came down with a fever and chills. I was thinking about you though and wished I could see you open all the gifts.
Well, maybe we could atleast watch you open ours.

Blessings to the family as you near his arrival.

BTW, it looks like you did a great job with the nursery!!!

See you soon.

Hazeleyessue said...

April, I'm so sorry to hear you were sick! I hope you feel better now! Thanks for the compliment concerning the nursery! We are so excited to have this tangible space ready for the arrival of Jackson!