Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Labor and Delivery Tips?

As Troy and I are getting closer and closer to experiencing labor for the first time, we could always use some helpful advice on how best to go about that momentous event. Robyn sent me a link to a blog that had some tips for expectant dads, so that gave me the idea to post this blog. If you have any tips for Troy and I on the big day, please let me know. I know every pregnancy is different, but there are some tips I'm sure can apply to almost every birth. Please do share them!


mombug said...

Everyone remembers to pack everything Mom and baby will need at the hospital, but don't forget Dad!

Be sure to pack water & snacks for Troy to keep his energy up throughout the labor (Sorry, Melissa you won't be allowed to eat or drink anything but ice chips).

Also, Troy should have some reading material or other item to keep him occupied just in case. When I was in labor with Josh, there were times when I fell asleep (yes, I had drugs) and Jason had nothing to read but an old hospital magazine.

But I will pray that your labor & delivery will be speedy (so Troy won't need a book) but most of all that the Lord will grant you and little Jackson a safe, healthy delivery with no complications.

Hazeleyessue said...

Thanks so much for that wonderful advice, Michelle...and for the prayers! They are appreciated!!! :)

Life with Littles said...

can you believe after having four babies that i don't have any labor and delivery tips to share?
I've been praying for you and if you find out you're going to have a c-section call me asap. i have lots of good tips for c-sections.

p.s. Jackson can't wait to meet his namesake:)