Monday, October 1, 2007

38 Days Left...

The time is flying! There are only 38 days left until Jackson is due! I worked really hard today and I got a lot done in our nursery. It is starting to look ready! I got a Disneyland Jungle Cruise picture framed for the nursery and that turned out wonderful. As you can see, Jackson already has some toys to play with. Due to the fact that we only have two bedrooms, this room is 1/2 office. We still have to conquer that part of it. We received wonderful news this morning concerning more bedrooms, though. Our landlord said that there may be a three bedroom apartment available in our complex in mid December. I was sooo thrilled to hear that. Another bedroom would be such a relief! Please keep us in your prayers concerning that situation. I have tried so hard to make enough room for little Jackson, but it still is a squeeze!

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