Friday, January 4, 2008

All Clean!

I changed the dirtiest diaper today. I heard Jackson let out what I thought was gas and a minute later he got fussy. Figuring he needed a diaper change, I picked him up only to discover a bit of brown wetness showing through the zip-up blanket he was wearing over his PJs. I proceeded to take the blanket off and I discovered that Jackson's pajama pants were covered. I took that off and his onesie only to find that he was covered from his mid-back all the way down to his feet! He didn't have a bowel movement yesterday. That was the first time that has happened, so I guess he just had to blow! And, boy, did he ever! The picture above is the happy look he had on his face after Mommy cleaned him all up.

Now, I am you moms find that Huggies or Pampers leak less? Or, is there a great off-brand I should know about?

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Life with Littles said...

I like the costco brand best.
Get used to the blowouts. Jackson has only gone poop once a week the past few weeks. It's lots of fun when he finally goes. Lots of fun. I'm glad to hear your boy is sleeping better. Sleep can make all the difference for us moms.