Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jackson Update/Photo Shoot!

So here I was...really bummed out because our digital camera is still broken and I didn't think I could take any updated pictures of Jackson to post on the blog, when I remembered our trusty camera built into our iMac! I immediately opened the "Photo Booth" program and started a photo shoot!
As you can see, Jackson is quite photogenic!

Jackson is now 2 1/2 months....approaching three months very fast! He has started to teethe, so things have been challenging for all of us at times. But, on the other hand, he is the sweetest little boy. He loves to smile and talk to anyone who smiles and talks to him. I catch him looking lovingly at me all the time! He loves to stand up now (with assistance, of course) and he has started to show preferences to a lot more things. For example, he has a favorite toy now! Its a puppy head stuffed animal on a blanket. He smiles at it and he will put his arm around it and hug it all on his own! Its soooo adorable! I'm sure you all will enjoy the picture I took of that (even though its a bad quality cell phone pic)! Jackson also loves to listen to his daddy tell him stories and the other day, I read Jackson his first story book. He really enjoyed it! I love how his personality is showing through! I think I'm gonna like this kid! :)Oh, yeah, and the best news...Jackson has slept at least 8 1/2 hours the past two nights! YEA!


Life with Littles said...

great pics. the black and white one almost looks like you are holding my jackson.
8 1/2 hours. wow! i'm hoping for that tonight.

Hazeleyessue said...

I can see that! I hope you get 8 1/2 hours tonight too! Hope you all are feeling better!