Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jackson is 5 Months old!

Jackson turned 5 months old yesterday! He has such a great personality already! When Troy and I go to get him out of the crib in the morning (yea...he is sleeping in his crib), he lets out a loud squeal of joy. Its soooo cute! He also is saying "mama," although, I've read that it isn't really referring to me yet. He is just practicing a sound. Well, that is still progress! He is starting to respond to waves goodbye with waves of his own. Man...I think this kid picks things up pretty quickly!

He hasn't got the whole crawling thing down yet, but he will get there. I can tell he is moving in that direction. He is getting stronger and stronger when he is on this tummy.

Jackson definitely knows what food and drink is now. His diet consists of feedings from me, rice cereal, and apple sauce. However, he would prefer it if he could eat everything Troy and I eat...even down to the communion juice and bread. On Sunday Troy and I took communion with the church, but Jackson fussed when the plate passed him. He even reached out to grab a cup of juice, with no avail. This upset him, and of course, Troy and I couldn't concentrate as much on taking communion. We will have to work that situation out a bit better next time!

Jackson is also getting a bit of separation anxiety from me now. In a way, I love it because he reaches out for me and nestles his head into my shoulder and neck when he gets back into my arms. He shows so much love and need for me. However, in a way, it is hard to leave him. The last two times Troy and I have tried to go out and leave him with the grandparents (who Jackson is used to being with), Jackson cried for long periods of time. Poor guy. Troy and I are going to try to leave him for short periods of time on a regular basis, and gradually increase the time he is without us. Eventually, we may work back up to a whole evening away!

Well, after these 5 months of laughter, joys, love, hugs, kisses, tears, challenges, and accomplishments, I can whole-heartedly say that I absolutely love being Jackson's mom! It is such a wonderful blessing!If you look at the picture of Troy above and the picture of Jackson below, you can definitely see some similarities. I think they have the same brow structure, and as a result, have the same expressions. Its great to see my wonderful husband in our son!"Your son is aesthetically pleasing!" -Mike C.
(I may be a bit bias, but I happen to agree!)

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April said...

Very Cute! That first picture really shows his eyes.