Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sleep Update

For those of you who gave me advice on how to get Jackson to sleep in his crib...THANKS! He is now sleeping in his crib for his naps and at night. He is practically sleeping through the night, too! Troy and I are getting much better sleep and we are all happier in the morning. Jackson wakes up with nothing but smiles on his face! It is such a difference! It used to take him about an hour to wake up because he was fussy and he would go in and out of sleep. I'm so glad Troy and I had Jackson make this transition! Jackson has a schedule now and a routine. Yea!!! It makes our lives so much easier! Plus, Troy and I actually get to do our devotional and talk at night without worrying that we are going to wake Jackson up. I also get to sleep next to my husband. Thats always good for a marriage! Again, thank you for all the great advice!

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