Friday, April 18, 2008

Sad news and an update...

This week we lost our camera. I'm sure you have noticed the lack of posts. I'm really bummed out because not only did we loose our camera, but we lost some really good pictures that were on it, including the pictures of Jackson sitting up by himself. :( So, needless to say, we are looking for another camera. When we get it, I will post pictures of Jackson right away, for those of you who are having withdrawals. (I'm not going to mention anyone by name!)

So, without pictures, I will give you an update on Jackson. He is sitting up now, which he finds extremely fun because he can use his hands more to play. He also is "talking" and making sounds all the time. Its very cute! Last week, he got up on all fours for the first time and has done it a couple times since that. Concerning his diet, he is now eating barley cereal, peaches, pears, and sweet potatoes, along with rice cereal. He is a good eater! Concerning his sleep, I honestly feel that we have taken ten steps backward. Since the night that I last posted, I was able to put him to bed at 8pm, which was amazing! However, that night, he screamed around 12am (didn't wake up...just cried) and then every hour after that, sometimes twice an hour. He did this for about a week. I researched the systems and it is called Confusional Arousal. Just when I thought I had it figured out, he stopped doing that and woke up between 12-1 each morning and screamed for an hour, then woke up and screamed every couple hours after that. I haven't changed anything major in his diet or in his routine. Although, because he isn't getting enough sleep at night (he now won't go to be before 9:30), he takes too many naps during the day. Like I said...ten steps backward. I guess its back to the drawing board (and back to my book...we'll see what the 'ol Doc says about this one!). Other than the sleep (which really, really frustrates me), he is a happy baby!


Life with Littles said...

i'm sorry about the sleep situation. That seems to be how it is with kids. Once you think you have them figured out they throw a new one at you. I have to remind myself that my babies aren't machines otherwise I get very frustrated when they don't do exactly what the book says they should do. He could have a sore throat and you'd never know or maybe he is teething or just feeling extra needy right now. I agree that being overtired makes it become a viscious circle. Be patient with him. You guys will soon come to an agreement. By this time next year he will have one big predictable nap and will sleep like a baby at night(pun intended). I have to remind myself of that every day with Baby J's unpredictable nap lengths. I just keep saying, "soon he will only need one nap and he will sleep for more than and hour and we can actually leave the house and..."

p.s. Don't forget to take care of yourself!

Hazeleyessue said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement and empathy, Kimm!