Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Creative Food Attempt

This morning I made Jackson some Mickey Mouse shaped toast with fruit for breakfast, and, guess what? He ate it...well, most of it! All that is left was the ears and the bananas on the ears. I used two different sized biscuit cutters to make Mickey and used apple slices and bananas to top it off. I put dried cranberries and Cheerios on the side so Jackson could make Mickey's face. He enjoyed it and so did I. Oh, and there were no painful pebbles in his diaper today! :)

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Casey Angulo said...

Love the creative food presentation! This is one of my favorite topics so I will weigh in. :)

What I did to get my kids to start eating right is I just simply stopped offering them anything else. The choice is starve or eat what I give you. I have been reading that if you don't curb their diet before they turn six and have attitude it is hard to adjust later. Caleb and Jo don’t LOVE health food but they are developing a taste for it and are some of the only kids I know who love things like kombucha tea and Ezekiel bread.

More fun... dipping sauces. Let Jackson dip fruit in organic vanilla yogurt, cooked/ sliced sweet potatoes in real maple syrup, and carrots in peanut sauce. I also use a lot of raw honey in my recipes.

I think it is awesome that you are trying to feed your kids right! It isn't easy.