Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jackson's 2nd Birthday

Saturday was a big day for our little boy. He turned two. And, as excited as a little boy could be, his parents were even more so because this was the first birthday that Jackson understood what was going on!
We had a full day of celebration. Most of the family went up to Oak Glen to the Hawk's Head Public House, a restaurant on Riley's Farms (the ORIGNIAL Riley's---not the one next to it that split off to get business on Sundays). Jackson had so much fun playing with his cousins on the grounds of Riley's. There was a bridge to cross, which provided a really good photo spot, and also a little pond with a dock. There were a bunch of walking sticks that the boys used as pretend riffles, and a whole lot of grass to roll in. We bought a big pumpkin for a dollar there and a bad batch of apples for 5 dollars. Of course, we wouldn't have bought them if we knew they were bad (more on that later...).
Next, we headed back to our house for some pizza, presents, and cake. It was great fun to watch Jackson's expressions as he opened all his gifts. By the way, I seriously don't think I could fit anymore toys in my house! He is truly a blessed little boy and has no shortage of toys and books! Jackson looked forward to blowing out his candles on his "Happy Cake" (as he called birthday cake....isn't that adorable?), and when it came time to do it, he was so excited! When he blew, though, he couldn't quite get enough air out to actually blow out the candles. It somehow took the help of his daddy and all his cousins to get the job done!
At the end of the day, we had a living room full of new toys and other gifts, a 1/2 eaten Costco cake, cold pizza in the oven, and a very tired, but extremely happy 2-year-old boy!
The Hawk's Head had really good apple cider. We ordered Jackson a child size and it came in this cute mug with the ABC's on it!
Jackson wasn't too sure about a man wearing knickers singing happy birthday to him. I can't say I blame him.
Troy and I with the birthday boy!
Jackson and his cousins!
Jackson was very impressed with all the leaves on the ground.
How do all boys like pretending that sticks are guns?
Our Family @ Oak Glen
The Family @ Oak Glen
...and again in front of the Hawk's Head Public House/ Chesterfield Colonial House.
Jackson opens David and Robyn's gift...a blow up Lightning McQueen bed, which he slept in that night!
Jackson opens a gift from Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Tim...a Mega Bloks fire truck. He is all about fire trucks right now!
Jackson gets some assistance with blowing out his candles.
The End.

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Melissa said...

How cute. I"m glad you guys had fun. Your pictures are great. I haven't been to RIley's farm in forever. The RIley family are very good friends of ours. We should plan a play date up there sometime I've been wanting to take Caden :)