Monday, November 2, 2009

My Little Pear

As a mother, I can most definitely say that I get great joy out of my toddler eating fruit and veggies. I wish it was easy, though! One week Jackson will love green beans. The next week, he won't want anything to do with them. Last week, he loved this pear. I can't seem to get him to eat a pear this week. If he had a choice, Jackson would live on Chicken Dinos and fries, with fruit snacks on the side. Unfortunately, all that diet will get you is a few painful pebbles in a diaper...I'll spare you any of the other details. Do any of you mothers have any clever tips on how to get a picky and un-predictable toddler to eat his share of fruits and veggies? If so, I'd love to hear them, so don't be shy!


STEPH said...

No, I don't have any ideas...but if you find any good ones, can you please pass them my way? Audrey won't touch any veggies...and yes, we've noticed the few painful pebbles lately with her :(

tesberi said...

I'd try giving him them in as many different creative forms as possible...mashed in with mashed potatoes, frozen, steamed, blended into a yogurt smoothie, or into spaghetti sauce.
And don't offer him any other alternatives. If he's going to skip a meal he may be less picky at the next! :)
And keep trying. Sometimes we just have to wear them down...they use that trick on us too!

Anonymous said...

There is a book called “deceptively delicious”… some of their concoctions are horrid… BUT ~ some are very tasty and a you don’t have a clue that there is spinach in your brownie!