Monday, March 10, 2008

Double Date (+ 1)

On Friday night we went on a double date with Joey and Kirsty...and, of course, Jackson! We ate dinner at the Chili Pepper in Orange. This was my first time eating there. I really enjoyed it! I ordered Fajitas. They were very tasty and a great price! In fact, everything there was really decently priced!

After finishing up our Mexican food, we headed to the Orange Circle and had an ice cream sundae at Watson's Drug Store & Soda Fountain. This sundae was no ordinary sundae. It came in a salad bowl. Yes...that's right. A salad bowl! We couldn't finish the sundae between the four of us! Overall, we had a great time and enjoyed hanging out with Joey and Kirsty!

Jackson got his first balloon from a waiter at the Chili Pepper.
Kirsty with our GIGANTIC ice cream sundae!
Jackson discovered another baby in the mirrors at Watson's.The family at Watson's.


Life with Littles said...

ah Watsons. good memories. thanks for the reminder

Lori-Lynn Navarro said...

Cyrus has that same outfit! Looks like you guys had fun!