Tuesday, March 25, 2008

For Dinda...

In honor of one of my most faithful viewers, here are some new pictures of Jackson!
Look at those blue eyes!

Jackson met Becky for the first time and, if you look closely at his expression, he was quite intrigued with her.

On Easter, Jackson opened a present from Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Rice...a cool new cement truck!

Of course, Jackson loved the toy had to play with it right away.

Jackson was all smiles in his Grandma's lap!

Jackson had a gangster look going on today. Don't worry. It won't be encouraged!

Jackson - getting some diaper-time! It was hot and he was just so cute...I couldn't put his clothes back on!

I hope you all enjoyed these pictures! Jackson is growing fast and getting to be sooo interactive! He is imitating people now. I love it...its sooo cute! He also is scooting when he is on his belly. I suspect that crawling is in the near future!