Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jackson's 4-month Check-up!

On Monday, we headed over to Kaiser for Jackson's 4-month check up (he's growing up so fast!). This time, Troy/daddy got to join us! We waited a while in the examination room before the doctor came in to see Jackson, so we had to entertain the little lad. Jackson enjoyed reading his favorite book while waiting!So, when the doctor came in, he informed us that Jackson weighs nearly 14 lbs and he is 24.5". His growing slowed down a bit, if you can believe that! He went from being in the 75th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight (at his 2 -month check-up) to being 30th percentile in both at 4 months. The doctor said he doesn't look that small. Thanks, Doc. Also, the doctor said that he STILL isn't teething! If all this drooling, chewing, violent attacks on toys with his mouth, and occasional grumpiness aren't teething...I'm not sure I want to know what is! Troy and I were convinced Jackson was teething! Oh-well...that's first timers for you!
Another issue that I brought up with the doctor was Jackson's ingrown toenails...poor thing...I thought I had plagued him with them. Turns out, its perfectly normal for infants to have them because their toenails don't grow out...they grow up at an angle. So, I told the doc that I had been soaking them in warm water with Epsom Salt. He told me I was doing the right thing. (Yea!)Little feet! Flat and long...just like his Uncle Mike's!

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