Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cambria Mini Vacation - Day 1

I have come to the conclusion that Cambria is one of my favorite places to visit. Troy, Jackson and I joined Troy's parents in Cambria last week for a little and much needed get-away. This was Troy and I's second time visiting Cambria, which is located just below San Simeon (Hearst Castle). Cambria is a great combination of a little mountain town with pines and an old down town and an little ocean town with great little inns right on the water. We took advantage of the White Water Inn's Elmer Dill's Getaway Special, which was an AMAZING deal! We got the hotel room (w/ breakfast) for $125 a night, along with two gift certificates (one $15 and one $50) for restaurants in town. The normal hotel room price for the inn is around $200, just to give you an idea of how good of a deal this is. The inn basically does this to entice visitors to stay during the week, so the deal is only good for week nights.
Cambria has beautiful shops and restaurants with gorgeous gardens.Jackson wore a special vacation outfit!Jackson observed the Pacific Ocean's waves for the second time in his life.Ahh....it is so beautiful! The sound of the waves rhythmically crashing on the rocks is such a relaxing sound!Jackson and TroyTroy, Me, Gary, Carolyn, and Jackson enjoying the sunset on Moonstone Beach.

Cambria has some really good restaurants, but the Main Street Grill isn't one of them. When I walked in the cafeteria-style restaurant, it was somewhat musty and a bit on the dirty side (the tables were not clean). I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich, which was actually really good. Troy and Carolyn had the Tri-tip sandwich, and that wasn't bad, either. It was nothing to write home about. However, when Troy was in the bathroom, he noticed that one of the employees walked out of the a bathroom stall, right past the sinks, and out the door. When he asked for the manager, the employees claimed he wasn't there. Ewww. That is all I have to say!

For dinner, we ate at The Old Station. Troy and I ate at this restaurant on our first visit. The service was amazing then, and still is great! The food is good as well. They also have great desserts. We wanted to try their very popular cobbler, but every time we tried to get some, they were out! This is a good place to eat with the family!

That concludes Day 1 of our trip....visit tomorrow to see Day 2!

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Mr. Julio Martinez, Jr. said...

LOL. That thing about the stalls. That was so funny. Your reaction was a blast.

Anyway, yes I'm glad people are coming around and showing their appreciation for the Reformed faith. There is one thing I am annoyed most of all from people who misunderstand the Reformed faith: people confuse it with TULIP. They look at TULIP and then say - Reformed. Eh, wrong! I recently debated this atheist that when he said that TULIP was Calvinism and discounted Calvinism on that basis.
I then told him that although TULIP contains Calvinism, it is not in itself the system of Calvinism. He didn't take into account the Reformed view of the sabbath, the ten commandments, and the sacraments. I guess I could say that all Reformed believers at least agree and meet each other in TULIP, be that Lutheran, Reformed Baptist, Presbyterian, and whatnot. But I do know that TULIP is a starting tool for those interested in the Reformed faith. It's sorta like just becoming a Christian. You get all fired up and just want to take the world by storm.

Since I am posting here, maybe I should post something that's germane to your post. Vacationing is definitely an experience. Your baby looks cute in this army hat. And it does feel good to just relax the feet and just get away. (I'm still crackin' up about the whole thing with the stalls.)