Monday, June 9, 2008

Finally---A DATE!

Troy and I finally got away for a date on Friday night. It has been hard to get away mostly because Jackson went through a clingy stage and we were also trying to set him on a sleep schedule. Now that both of those issues have been taken care of, we are a bit more free to go out. On this date, we went to Disneyland. I really wanted to ride the Tower of Terror, my favorite ride in California Disney. It was great to feel myself floating off the seat as I laughed uncontrollably and held on as tight as I could to Troy's arm. For some reason, I absolutely love that feeling! We had a great time Friday night and Jackson had a good time at his Nonna and Poppy's house as well. (Yea! He didn't cry the whole time we were gone!!!) I really missed having that alone time with Troy. The circumstances were out of our control concerning the lack of alone time, but I am certainly glad that were are back in the dating groove! I love my hubby and I love spending time with him!As you can see, Troy won me by 19,000 points! I can never seem to win this game. The first time I played, I rode the ride with a two -year-old, and she won me by several thousand points!

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