Wednesday, November 2, 2011

24 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 2

I am thankful for the ability to be active.  Six months ago, I was on bed rest.  I was "sitting on my nest" for a very long 5 1/2 weeks because little Owen wanted to come too early.  (Side note:  it was certainly worth it.)  Around the first of April, I got the news that I needed to be on "complete bed rest," due to regular contractions at 31 weeks.  This meant I could do N-O-T-H-I-N-G but get up to go to the restroom, and I had to take a special pill to stop the contractions every time they came.  It was so hard to just sit there when my kids were wanting me to be up and play with them.    I could literally feel my muscles turn to Jello.  I vowed that when I was able, I would get active again.  I started working out 6 weeks after my c-section and now I workout 6 days a week.  I can pick up my kids, even two of them at a time, with no problem at all.  I can run up stairs and not get winded.  I can lift weights!  With all that said, it feels so good to be active again.  I know God didn't create us to be sedentary creatures.  I am so very thankful that He has given be the ability and the strength to be active and healthy at this point in my life!

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