Sunday, November 11, 2012

British Tea

Thankfulness Day 10

Sometimes I am just thankful for the simple things.  Every morning I wake up and put water on for tea. EVERY MORNING.  Some people LOVE coffee.  I LOVE tea.  But not just any tea.  No sir.  It can't be American tea.  No offense to those tea makers in America, but your tea just doesn't cut it.  It isn't strong.  It's not bold and rich in flavor.  It doesn't mix well with milk. Yes milk.  I choose to drink British tea, specifically PG Tips, and, if I can get ahold of it, Marks & Spencer Extra Strong Tea.  I add milk and a little bit of Truvia or PureVia and it's a little cuppa relaxation.  :)  I drink two cups and repeat in the afternoon when the younger kids are napping.  I simply enjoy it and am thankful for the British tea I drink and the British friends who have shown me the best way to drink a cup of tea.

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