Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My 18-Month Old

Thankfulness Day 13

Today my little Owen is 18 months old.  EIGHTEEN MONTHS OLD!!!  My youngest.  My baby.  My last.  I knew it would go fast, but I didn't expect it would go this fast!

So here are a few things that he likes/loves/hates:

Owen's favorite food is ketchup.  It's not a "food," it's a condiment, you say?  Tell him that.  He also thinks ketchup is a hair gel and prefers to do his hair whenever he eats it.

He still loves his teddy bear.  Naturally, he calls it, bear!

He loves, loves, loves to drink, but hates, hates, hates milk!  He will drink water or apple juice-tinged water, but really nothing else.  I even tried vanilla almond milk with no prevail.

Owen loves sitting on the couch and watching Curious George with his brother and sister.

He loves his brother and sister.  They make him smile and laugh.  It is so sweet.

He loves splashing in the tub, even though his sister hates when he does it.  I think he likes to get her riled up sometimes!

Owen loves to run to the van when we are leaving like a big boy.  He doesn't want me to carry him!

He loves to climb and run.  Both of these things give him a lot of bumps and bruises on his head and legs!

Owen is a little cuddle bug.  I cherish this because I have a feeling this won't last!  He loves to cuddle when he is tired and is so good about giving hugs and kisses.  He has an extremely sweet and happy personality.

The words Owen likes to say are in another language for the most part, but he does say words here and there.  Night-night (nigh-nigh), bear, bye-bye, Mommy, Daddy, Poppy, Nonna, Ivy (I-eeee), Jackson (but I can only make it out sometimes), Madelyn, kitty, doggy, train, ball, please (peeese), bath,  cookie, train, and diaper are several of the words he says now.  Today he said his first (English) three-word sentence.  I asked him where his sippy cup was, and he shrugged his shoulderd and said, "I don't know," as clear as day.  :)  I wish I wasn't the only one there to see it!

Owen loves to wrestle with his daddy and brother and sister.  He has started to enjoy tickling his siblings as well.

He likes to rehearse what different animal sounds are as well as where all his body parts are.

He likes to sit on the hearth of the fireplace and "read" books.

Owen loves to be BUSY!!!

Well, after all that reflection on my little boy, I have to say that I am so thankful for my little Owen.  He is such a precious gift.  I can't imagine our family without him!  He has given us so many moments of joy and continuously pours out so much sweetness.  I love him so very much!

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