Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Twin Brother

Thankfulness Day 20
Call me sappy, but I am very thankful for my brother, Michael.  We shared a womb together, and even though I don't remember that part of our life, I think that definitely has something to do with the closeness I feel to him.  Growing up, we always finished each other's sentences and he defended me when he could, and visa versa.  We spent many afternoons together walking home, running from local bullies trying to steal our candy bars, playing foot wrestling on the couch (like arm wrestling with feet), and making up our own language.  And even though he now lives about 700 miles away (way better than the 1400 he was a few months back), when we get our families together, it is like no time has passed.  I am thankful that he has done well for himself, and most of all, that God has saved his soul and on top of that, provided for him a great wife, a beautiful little girl (and one more on the way), a new home in a gorgeous part of the country, and a good job.  It makes my heart sing to see theses good things happen to the brother I am so thankful for!

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