Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Church

This small building is a big part of my life, not because of the bricks that hold it up, but because of the people who gather there, and for the reason they gather there.
Today being a Sunday, the Lord's Day, how appropriate that I point out that I am very thankful for my church.  The people in it are like family.  It is such a privilege to gather with these people every week to worship God in song and hearing the preaching of God's word.  I have attended this church for 11 1/2 years now and have been a member for just over eight.  I remember the first Sunday I heard Pastor Robert preach.  WOW.  Ephesians had never seemed so clear.  I realized I had never heard preaching like that before.  It was full of grace and truth.  I am so thankful for such gifted preachers!  I know what it is like to go years without being edified with meaty portions of Gospel preaching.  It is an awesome blessing to get it every Sunday.  (That's not to say that it doesn't get interrupted at times by my "Sweet Kids.")    :)

I am also very thankful for the fact that I met my husband at this church.  It is a great thing to be spiritually like-minded in marriage!  That spiritual like-mindedness also reflects in the unity our church family has been blessed with.  I know this doesn't come naturally to a whole bunch of sinners who gather in one place once a week.  Surely, I have experienced churches that have had quite a bit of division.  It sure does make church life miserable.  I give God all the glory for this unity, for He truly has done a work in holding this body of believers (and sinners) together!

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